Awesome new hip…this summer has been wonderful… so much different than last year. It's still hard to believe the ease of movement! :)  

Janet N., Grand Haven


"Dr. Hop…we wanted to let you know that MacKenzie's Achilles has recovered so well that her varsity swimming season concluded with her qualifying to swim at Oakland University for the Division 1 State meet. From the time you put her back together until now, quite remarkable. Thank you so much…"

MacKenzie Landman, Spring Lake

"To all the Shoreline staff…We want to say thank you for taking such great care of our son when he broke his arm. The entire staff was wonderful…and a very special thanks to Dr. Cheek. You made what could have been a very scary situation for a two-year-old not so scary at all. You were great with him and us. You are a wonderful doctor."

Sam & Jenn deBoer, Holland

"In one word, my left and right hip surgeries performed by Dr. Jon Hop were 'transformational.' From…painful and limited hip joint movement to now a pain free, active lifestyle…at age 70…now it is as though I am 20 years younger. I can walk my big dog for a couple of miles a day. I enter and leave my car with ease. I climb up and down three flights of stairs pain free. I can swim again at the local pool. My experience has been outstanding. I am very happy that I personally had the courage and fortitude to go ahead with both hip replacement surgeries. If I can help others improve their lives with this 'transformational' procedure, I would be happy to do so. Let me know if I can help in any way."

Ed Gregory, Fennville

"Dr. Howell & Shoreline Ortho staff….I just want to say how much I appreciate all that you have done to get my wrist back in working order. It has been a relatively long journey for me, but now that I am finally able to use my hand again, pain free, it feels so good! Please express my gratitude to EVERYONE on your staff for me. I have always been treated so kindly by everyone at Shoreline."

Barbara Puzycki, M.D., Holland

"Dr. Cheek did surgery on my shoulder. He was patient and listened to my concerns. Due to his professionalism, he did exploratory surgery on my shoulder and found that I had several severe issues, which he addressed. Thanks to him, I am doing better and will see him for any future orthopedic needs."

Hope Brege, Muskegon

"When my shoulder pain got so I could not sleep in bed and it was really limiting the use of that arm, I realized I had to do something….I read in the paper that Dr. Cheek was giving a lecture at Zeeland Hospital on 'When to Have Shoulder Surgery.' I decided to attend and it was very worthwhile. I decided I was ready…to be free of the pain. Dr. Cheek greets you with a warm encouraging and confident smile. He never pushes you into having surgery, but answers all your questions honestly. It turned out there were more problems than the MRI showed, but he proceeded to take care of everything. I now do all normal activities pain free with that arm. I can raise my left arm straight up to the sky. I am very thankful for what Dr. Cheek did for me. Whenever I hear someone say they think they may need to have shoulder surgery, I say…'see Dr. Cheek.'"

Marian Darrow, Holland

"I'm continuing to do well and play tennis three mornings a week!"

Wayne Tanis, Hamilton

"I am one very satisfied Shoreline Orthopaedics former patient. Dr. Cheek has performed both left and right shoulder replacements. I cannot say enough good about his surgical skills. The outcome after surgery was amazing!! Before surgery, I was not able to lift my hand up to touch my head without pain. It was so painful that it was hard to reach the blinker lever on the car. After surgery, I have full movement of my hand and arm. I would highly recommend Dr. Cheek!"

Dale A, Hamilton